Sunday, January 1, 2012

Emma Watson with fake tatto

Emma Watson continued on with her crusade to corrupt children by getting a large tattoo on her arm. After spending most of her life trying to make magic and devil worship “cool” to kids with her Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson is now focusing her sick child corrupting instincts on getting kids hooked on tattoos. As you can see in the picture above Emma Watson just got a large tattoo on her shoulder, and she looks pretty pleased about it. I can not say for sure what the tattoo is of, but I am willing to wager that it is some form of satanic symbol.
Anyway Emma is clearly hoping that children will see this photo and steal money from their parents, sneak out of the house, and go to a back alley tattoo artist to get one of their own. Parents must protect their children from Emma Watson’s corrupting influence. I suggest fiercely beating your child if you find that he/she shows any interest in Emma Watson or the Harry Potter movies.

That''s a fake tattoo for a music video she was in genius. But, oh yeah she''s corrupting kids by keeping her life private and doing kids movies that were written years ago. Forgot the female celebrities showing their crotches, posing nude, songs/movies depicting murder, and sleeping around, she is really what''s corrupting kids.

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